Supreme Court to decide: What level of education do public schools legally owe to students with disabilities?”

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This is something near and dear to my heart because I spent decades trying to give more than finances and school logistics could provide. In 1975, fresh from undergraduate studies and armed with a BS in Special Education K-12, and a minor in psych, I was employed in a district well known for its excellence in special ed programs and practices. Over the next 3+ decades, along with my colleagues I watched as programs were diluted, combined and cut- trickle down results, as Washington worked to “improve” education.¬†

The span of student needs in special education is wide. The cost is high, no doubt. I fear what will happen when Betsey DeVos becomes Secretary of Education. ¬†I discovered she has no background in education. (I admit to being a “dog with a bone” research geek.) She has lived the life of the wealthy upperclass. She has been a great philanthropist to her personal causes. Her goal is to morph the education system into one which encompasses her value system. Here are some articles you may find enlightening.

Betsy DeVos: 9 Things The Nominated Education Secretary Wants You To Know.” ¬† ¬† Forbes

Meet the New Kochs: The DeVos Clan’s Plan to Defund the Left. They beat Big Labor in its own backyard. Next up: your state?” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†Mother¬†Jones

School Choice, But Much More: Making Sense of DeVos Family Philanthropy ” ¬† ¬†Inside Philanthropy

The American Federation for Children

(originally called¬†the “American Education Reform Foundation” in 1998). ¬† ¬† ¬†

The American Federation for Children, the nation‚Äôs voice for educational choice, released its third annual National School Choice Poll conducted by Democratic polling firm Beck Research.”

Here’s the 411 on that “Democratic polling firm Beck Research”-

From corporate research to education reform, we‚Äôve helped organizations large and small navigate reputation, evaluate messaging and strategize political campaigns and issue advocacy efforts.”

Debbie Beck founded Beck Research LLC in 2007

Make sure you read Debbie’s bio at the end.

I sort of fell off my special ed soapbox and landed elsewhere…¬†but in my brain it all makes sense. I hope I’ve provided food for thought. Yes, reform is needed, but not by defunding public education. If I believed vouchers, tax credits and education savings accounts were the answer, I would hop aboard the bandwagon. Right now I’m sticking to marching to my own drummer. When I hear politicians and reformers, who actually have some understanding of learning processes and all the contributing and relevant factors involved, I might have faith in their motivations.


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