“The ceiling lights flickered, strobing the tall female who carried bags from Victoria’s Secret. The woman was beautifully clothed in a woolen cape and matching cap, her hands encased in soft leather gloves. Some might have recognized her from pages of magazines, modeling the latest in fashion. Lili moved with confidence and grace, as the clacking of her Louboutin’s  echoed off the garage’s concrete walls. With a calm glance around, she noted only one person in sight.  Three vehicles away, the senator paused as he opened the back gate of his black Escalade, his eyes searching out the sound of heels, expecting and getting an eyeful of a beautiful woman. Ever the hound, the man stared at her with undisguised appreciation, one hand still pressed to the raised door. Lili closed the distance between them and smiled at him. Her cape quickly flashed open when her hand lifted, as if to wave. He never saw the silenced muzzle spit out the lead that left a gaping hole where his right eye had been. Lili quickly stepped forward and shoved him into the SUV as he began to crumple. She closed the door then continued to her own car, as if nothing had happened.”

I took a sip of my wine and turned the page, feeling a bit sick. I was so engrossed that the cooling water of my bath wasn’t noticed, and the chill that ran through me had nothing to do with it.

Uncharacteristically, I felt like I was losing it. I tossed the book to the floor and rose, bubbles dripped down my long, lean body. I dumped my wine, then made my way to retrieve the glock from my closet safe. Armed, I made a quick circuit of my condo, but found nothing amiss. I felt violated. I shivered, and went and dressed. Once covered, gun still in hand, I  got the book. I sat with it at the kitchen table, my weapon resting beside it. I had positioned myself to face the door, then prepared myself mentally to read on.

“At home in her condo, the thought of the 75K payment for the hit gave her a satisfied feeling. She decided to have a nice soak in the tub with wine and her new book. Weapon cached, clothing left on the floor, Lili prepared the bath and filled her goblet, setting it and the book on the edge. She stepped into the water, knocking both into the tub. “Damn!” she uttered stepping out again. The book was now unreadable, and the goblet needed replacing. Naked and dripping bubbles, Lili headed to the kitchen for a refill. There was sudden knocking at the door. Lili stepped to the peephole and peered through. A second later, she was as dead as the senator, a bullet through her eye.”


I tossed the book as if it had bitten me. “What the fuck!?” I felt nauseous. Before I could form the next thought, there came a knocking at my door.

The above was my submission to a Tipsy Lit prompt– You’ve just figured out that you’re a character in somebody’s novel.


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