These are flash fiction entries from last year.

Annie by Lili Nemo [Flash Fiction Story on Dark Chapter Press]

Fall’s icy fingers tried to chill me to the bone as the cold bench froze my butt. Even so, I would not deny the beauty of this tucked away spot in the ancient cemetery. Birds rustled and crunched in the growing carpet of fallen leaves as Dirty Annie’s shopping cart joined the sounds.

Read the full tale: Annie by Lili Nemo [Free Flash Fiction Story]

DreAdvent Calendar Entry 18 on Dark Chapter Press:

The Christmas Kitten, by Lili Nemo

I always think of my sister, but with the anniversary of her death coming up, she’s always on my mind. Sometimes I think of how she died. Sometimes I recall her mean moments and am almost glad she’…

Read the full tale: DreAdvent Calendar Entry 18: The Christmas Kitten, by Lili Nemo

 Sheila Barnesworth: Nocturnal Flesh Puppet, by Lili Nemo
Character created by Gary Weller, via TerribleMinds Flash Fiction

Dr. Alex Garcia clicked open Sheila’s thumb drive, predicting that its contents would have to do with the sleep medication and why she had stopped her sessions. Maybe it would explain what had happened. The screen displayed only one folder labeled “The Lamia”. Inside that, he found two folders: ‘Play this First’ and ‘outside research’.

He began the video message.

Read the full tale: Sheila Barnesworth: Nocturnal Flesh Puppet

 Bang, Bang   by Lili Nemo ( a past Tipsy Lit Flash Fiction)

“The ceiling lights flickered, strobing the tall female who carried bags from Victoria’s Secret. The woman was beautifully clothed in a woolen cape and matching cap, her hands encased in soft leather gloves. Some might have recognized her from pages of magazines, modeling the latest in fashion. Lili moved with confidence and grace, as the clacking of her Louboutin’s  echoed off the garage’s concrete walls. With a calm glance around, she noted only one person in sight.  Three vehicles away, the senator paused as he opened the back gate of his black Escalade, his eyes searching out the sound of heels, expecting and getting an eyeful of a beautiful woman. Ever the hound, the man stared at her with undisguised appreciation, one hand still pressed to the raised door. Lili closed the distance between them and smiled at him. Her cape quickly flashed open when her hand lifted, as if to wave. He never saw the silenced muzzle spit out the lead that left a gaping hole where his right eye had been. Lili quickly stepped forward and shoved him into the SUV as he began to crumple. She closed the door then continued to her own car, as if nothing had happened.”


I took a sip of my wine and turned the page, feeling a bit sick.

Read the full tale: Bang, Bang

The Funeral,  by Lili Nemo ( a past Tipsy Lit Flash Fiction)

I blinked in the rainbow beaming down on me like some kaleidoscopic searchlight seeking its mark. It took me a bit to understand the source was a stained glass window depicting a scene of some holy significance. My eyes adjusted and I found a black-clad audience regarding me with confused expectation.

I cleared my throat and uttered, “Excuse me.” The baritone voice helped make sense of the large man-hands with which I gripped the richly carved podium. Waking up in other people’s bodies had become common; this time, my petite female soul had lodged in a tall, thick man. I aimed my smile at the audience for the half second it took my brain to connect the dots and realized this was a funeral.

Read the full tale: The Funeral


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